Hill House

Design: Snegiri Architects

Date: 2018

Text from Snegiri Architects:

One of this project’s most significant characteristics is its full integration into environment – we sufficed in keeping existing trees on construction site, and minimally noticeable building does not surpass the landscape, becoming its organic extension, by courtesy of the green roof.

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HillHouse’s roof is green literally – with a live “carpet” of plants: stonecrop and dwarf plants such as wild camomile.

This project can undoubtedly be called a “passive house”. Terrace and most windows and rooms are oriented to the sun side, getting as much sun as possible. Building is equipped with energy-saving windows, ventilation system with air recuperation, and is completely winterized: foundation with cold-proof Swedish plate, carcass with monolith, with cold-proof mineral wool covered with larix wood saturated in natural flax oil.

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Project client is a man fond of innovations, admirer of modern technologies and gadgets, because of that project is equipped with the “smart house” system along with guarding system. Near the house there is a parking spot with Tesla car charger.

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Apart from passion for modern science achievements, client also loves history, being art and vintage furniture collector, which has influenced house interior.

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